Feb 21, 2013

What is SolidWorks Really up to?

What would happen if your CAD vendor came out with a new "next-gen" system that was built on a different platform? Would your data convert properly, would the new system eventually replace the old, and will the new system really give you a boost in productivity? Industry reports indicate that's what SolidWorks is up to. SolidWorks customers are having doubts of the future of their CAD system due to some industry reports. Don't get stuck with unproven technology, take a look at Solid Edge and see how companies like yours have been able to get accelerated design, faster revisions, and better reuse. Learn more at www.allyplm.com/solidworks

Solid Edge Custom Tools Tutorial

Welcome to another edition of the Ally PLM Solid Edge Lunch Bytes - the topic we cover in this tutorial is Custom Tools in Solid Edge ST5. To register for upcoming lunch bytes or request future topics, please visit www.allyplm.com/solidedgetutorials or contact technical support with any questions at www.allyplm.com/technicalsupport